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SUB4SUB Exchanger Tool
We are launching one of the best sub4sub service on the market.Delivering free views comments likes and subscribers, we will help you grow your channel for free.

Compared to other sub4sub services, we provide a software that does all the hard job for you.No limitations, no manual job, no hidden fees.
You just let our software to run and watch your youtube ranking and audience grow.
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Learn how our automatic exchanger tool works

We use your google accounts through our tool to deliver the magic

In order to get started you will need a second google account.It will be used to like,subscribe and deliver comments to other users.In exchange you will receive tokens.Those are used to buy views/like/comments and send to the chanel you specify

  • Simple and automatic
  • The bot is using a separated google account to deliver likes/comments/views so your main account will remain clean
  • You receive tokens just by letting your PC sending views/likes/comments to others with a secondary google account
  • With the tokens you can buy subscribers/likes/dislikes/views/comments and many more for your or any other Youtube channel.In this way you will get free youtube subscribers views wach time etc..
Youtube Grow

Features designed for you

We believe we have created the most efficient sub4sub service on the market. Automation tool with features that will convince you to use it for your youtube account.
Sub4Sub Subscribers

Automatic operation

Our software will simulate user activity (subscribe,view,like etc) in the background.You are no longer need to manual subscribe to each other's channels.

Free Youtube subscribers

NO Limitations

Other services would restrict the number of subscribers you can get for free in order to force you to pay their product.As we deliver our service for free, without any restriction.

Sub4Sub Free youtube subscribers

Complete Control

Because we can automatically control google accounts, you can specify details like the bounce rate, what comments you need,and you can also remove subscribers.In this way, you will control the analitics of your youtube account and simulate real traffic.Moreover you can send dislikes or traffic to any channel you want.If you are a streamer you can simulate views and comments in real time.With the tool you can do almost anything

Youtube Subscribers

Goodbye Subscribers Drops

Users can create new google accounts for our bot to operate.From this reason there is no need from them to unsubscribe as their MAIN account will always stay clean.

Youtube Views

Best Security

The software will control a background Chrome Browser.We will simulate real user activity and navigation so there wont be any problems.Moreover we are not selling subscribers so we doesn't go againist Youtube TOS.

Youtube Comments

Proxy control

You can install our software on unlimited number of machines.If you have only one PC you can set proxy's for each google account

What Pricing?

We try our best to deliver this service for free.


$0 / month
$0 / yearly
  • Unlimited Boting Accounts
  • Unlimited Bot Instances

  • Avaible Options:
  • View/Subscribe/Comment/like
  • Unsubscribe/Dislike
  • Live video View + Comment
  • Ad Click
  • Traffic Source
  • Bounce Rate

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any other question about Service? Feel free to ask in our Discord/Telegram Groups

  • Simple and Smart Autonomous service
  • Works without user interaction
  • Just sit and watch how your channel grows

No.Your main account should not get banned.Remember that you can deliver subscribers/likes/views etc to any other channel,not only your own.If youtube would ban such activity, this means that you could ban almost any channel.

As bots, we will use fresh created google accounts that you insert in our service.We already have implemented limits and security features that will assure the safety of those google account,but even if youtube bans them, there would not be such a loss...After all, you can create as many google accounts as you wish :)

As we are using new created google accounts by our users,they are only operated by our service.Nobody would have a reason to login to specific accounts and un-subscribe from each channel.

Our service wont use your main account for subscribing/liking other videos.You can create a fresh google account used for subscribing to other's video in order to get credits that are use to purcase your subscribers.We will only ask for a channel or video link where you would need our services

Besides normal limits(subscribe limit, view etc) applied to each account, we use Google Chromium to send operations.We simulate real user activity with real interaction and each account will get a randomised browser setting to avoid any kind of client side detection.

This service is developed by one man.It will take some time, but we have launched the pre-registration sections where you can submit your contact details and get notified about the release date.
We are also available on the discord and telegram where you can contact us.

You can help us by making PayPal donations.You will receive tokens and special benefits(such as ranks and a bigger token earning ratio).Please contact Cezar Lacatus in the Discord or Telegram section for more informations

Free sub4sub

Help & Support

If you have any questions please reach us on Discord or Teleram first

Start growing your Youtube.

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